Make History Engaging, Exciting, & Empowering!

In this self-paced course, you will learnĀ a framework to make history come alive with strategies that will get even your most reluctant learners curious, interested, engaged!


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online course for history teachers

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Imagine if your studentsĀ cameĀ to classĀ excitedĀ to learn everyday...

It might seem crazy, but with the right strategies and activities, you can get your students excited about history! Trust me, I struggled for years to get students to really be interested andĀ actually engageĀ in my room. ButĀ over the years I developed routines that got students to actually find value in learning history and enjoy being challenged to thinkĀ deeply about it.Ā 

This course teaches a framework toĀ get students curious, to make rigorous work fun, and to build the confidence of thoseĀ reluctant learnersĀ so they know that they can be successful in your room. When you do that, magical things start happeningĀ  and you'll enjoy teaching more than ever!

This course will help you create that magic.Ā 


online course for history teachers


online course for history teachers

Totally self-paced. And in a few weeks, transform your teaching & build a culture of passionate learners!

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online course for history teachers

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ALOHA! I'm Dan Lewer.

I am a teacher, author, and content and curriculum developer. I taught at a title-1, public school for eleven years and while I still teach part-time, last year I stepped out of the classroom to work on my history video curriculum, my podcast- "History Teachers Club," andĀ to build this course to help history teachers transform their classrooms and find more joy in teaching.Ā 

In 2020, I was awarded the Hawai'i History Teacher of the Year and I am 100% passionate about teaching- both students and teachers like you. I have traveled all over the country visiting schools and collaborating with rock-star teachers and I am so excited to share the best strategies and routines I've learned & developed that get students seriously engaged and interested in history!

I believe thatĀ transformative teaching strategies don't have to be complicated or complex and that with the right framework, all teachers can get their students to look forward to learning each and every class.Ā 

Lets bring joy back to teaching & learning!Ā 

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*   Learn many low and no-prep strategies that students actually enjoy

*   Deliver activities that will keep students talking about history after the bell

*   Move beyond teaching content to empowering students and building real-world skills

*   Get students to realize the value of learning history

*   Build a community of curious and enthusiastic learners

*   Have more fun teaching while avoiding burnout

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"7 Ways to Make History Come Alive In Your Classroom"