Learn how to build a positive community, effectively manage even your most difficult students, and put an end to power struggles for good!


One Week Classroom Management Makeover is a self-paced, mini-course with a simple framework to help you transform your classroom culture!

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Four Modules


Envisioning Your Ideal Classroom

Get an overview of the course and start to clarify what exactly your ideal classroom looks like so you can work to create it!

Creating a Community of Learners

Connect with students, gain their trust, and create a culture and community that enjoys your class.


Mastering Routines

Learn how to teach routines and procedures so your classroom runs smoothly and efficiently.


Enforcing Consequences

A simple framework for handling all discipline issues that empowers students to choose to cooperate & meet expectations. Say goodbye to power struggles for ever!

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how to get students to behave
classroom management course
how to stop power struggles with students

Each lesson is roughly 4-8 minutes long  and there's a workbook to apply and practice all the lessons until you are confident and prepared to face all the challenges in your classroom!  

If you're struggling with classroom management, and need strategies that will actually allow you to turn your classes around, this course is for you!

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online classroom management course

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I'm here to help teachers. That's it. ūüėČ

Aloha! I'm Dan Lewer!

I am a teacher, author, teacher-coach, and curriculum developer. I taught at a title-1, public school for eleven years and while I still teach part-time, I stepped out of the classroom in 2021 to coach teachers, to create my podcast, History Teachers Club, and develop resources for teachers to transform their classrooms. 

In 2020, I was awarded the Hawai'i History Teacher of the Year, but my first years as a teacher I struggled desperately with classroom management, making it almost impossible to do all the dynamic lessons and fun activities that I wanted to do with my classes. I was so exhausted and defeated that I nearly quit my first year. 

But then I learned a simple framework for enforcing consequences and holding students accountable for meeting my high expectations. Once I could do that, the community and culture in my room totally transformed! And gosh, did teaching become wonderful once I learned how to manage my classroom and I promise, One Week Classroom Management Makeover will help you better manage yours while building a real community of learners in your room!

If you are struggling to connect with students, get them to meet your expectations, and find yourself in power struggles or pleading with them to follow your rules, this course will help you make big changes so you can enjoy teaching and working with your students each day!

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